The Bi-Daily

Dogmatics on a Vague Schedule

Low-Key Tunes (2)

More underrated songs you may enjoy.


Lessons from Basic: Screw-Ups

God specializes in saving screw-ups like me.

Low-Key Tunes

I'm not saying these are my favorites, just: "These are worth having"

Advice For Myself

Sub-Title: "Lessons I've Learned"

Lessons from Basic: Work

Good work is collar blind.

Lessons from Basic: Obedience (2/2)

Two kinds of commands.

Lessons from Basic: Obedience

Obedience doesn’t need a mouth.

Where is April?

A spoonful of heresy makes the evangelicalism go down.

Coca Cola from a Mason Jar

Why your pastor shouldn't be a hipster

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