I devote chomps of each week to writing. Why not allot a few more of the 168 hours?

In relation to my site Wanting the Word, this new beast called The Bi-Daily is particularly for shorter, lighter, more-frequent blogs. The basic theme “theology and exposition” will carry over. Kick-off is Monday morning, 1/16/17.

You may find the title catchy. I’m glad. But does it mean “once every two days” or “twice every day”? The semantic range of bi-daily, unfortunately for you, includes both. It is quite deceptive on my part, because the confusion is intentional. You see, this provides me the luxury of posting twice a day, or thrice per week, or every other day – or maybe once a day.

I’m quite proud of myself.

Subscribing to this blog, you can expect 4-5 posts per week. Maybe 7. Or 3. 14 is also a possibility.

If you’d like to ride this de-railed locomotive, have a go.