Why don’t liberals leave America? The Capitol Hill pendulum has swung off into conservatism. Does the left need its own Bunker Hill? Maybe they don’t leave because this is their country too. Oh certainly, I’m conservative. I’m a black coffee conservative. I’m a Little House on the Prairie, Pistol Pete, walk-on-legos right-winger.

But I understand many fellow Americans don’t think like I do. I want America to join my bandwagon, sure – but not by drinking kool-aid. I’ll push for a right-wing government via ethical means: voting, advocating, blogging, and debating for conservatism.

Apparently, such civility is non-transferable to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Can we be honest? Every Calvinist wants the SBC to confess Calvinism and every non-Calvinist wants the SBC to deny Calvinism. We both want our systematic theologies (i.e. what we believe the Bible teaches) to be universally accepted in the SBC. I don’t think this is crazy – in fact, I think it is right. And since the Traditionalists are always calling for honesty: here’s my grand scheme to flip the denomination.

Step 1: Preach the Word frequently and faithfully.
Step 2: Debate anti-Calvinists regularly and respectfully.
Step 3: Write books and blogs advocating for Calvinistic doctrine.
Step 4: Pray that God would lead us all to a better understanding of Scripture.

Huh? Ah, you’re right. I forgot “Step 5: Fire non-Calvinist pastors.”

…wait, no

that’s not part of the plan

“Step 5: Push for leadership in the SBC to be exclusively Calvinistic.” …nope
“Step 5: Write propaganda shaming anti-Calvinist theologians.” …eh
“Step 5: Misrepresent non-Calvinistic positions.” …hopefully not
“Step 5: Teach straw man types of anti-Calvinistic doctrine.” …no mas

I want the SBC to confess Calvinism for the same reason I do: it appears to most faithfully systematize Biblical doctrine. But from the premises “I am a Calvinist” and “I want you to be a Calvinist,” it does not therefore follow that “I will force you to be a Calvinist.” Coercion dishonors the end unto which an individual is forced. If I truly love my position, I will beautify it before men and allow its glory to captivate souls. If I coerce you to accept my conviction, I demonstrate that I doubt how glorious and honorable my position is.

Oh certainly, I’m a Calvinist. I’m a black coffee Calvinist. I’m an unabridged Puritan, Luther’s ink-stain, walk-on-legos believer in the infinite beauty of God’s sovereign grace.

…and you’re not?

Let’s talk about it.