I consider myself to be a generous conversation partner. Sure, I’ve lost my cool on Twitter a time or two. Of course, there have been some overly-abrupt Facebook posts. But graciously communicating over the internet is something I have tried very hard to become accustomed too. I want patience to be my natural reaction when I meet different worldviews.

There are a few things, however, that I will not be patient with. I could be patient, but I make a conscious decision to be impatient. “Intolerant” might be appropriate. For example: I am intentionally impatient with abortion. This is the most patient response I can bring myself to: “Abortion is murder.”

Eh… Nope. I’m not satisfied with that.

Abortion is evil.

I suppose that will do.

I’m willing to sit and talk with you. I’ll brew some coffee and we’ll have a civilized discussion on the matter. But you will not break my dogmatism. Not while the image of God is defaced for the sake of mankind’s convenience.

Patiently watching genocide is analogous to licking thorns and waiting to make sure everyone in the room validates your hunch that it’s not gelato. Your mouth is being torn to shreds! Stop licking and go to the hospital.