Remember Schoolhouse Rock? Great tunes. Well, the Southern Baptist Convention has long been its own microcosm of U.S. history: a theological “Melting Pot.” It’s nice, sometimes. But it can certainly become frustrating. Here are some circumstances that would motivate me to part-ways with the SBC.

  • If the Baptist Faith and Message explicitly denied any tenant of Calvinistic doctrine.
  • If a ban was placed on Calvinist-confessing leadership.
  • If Together for the Gospel or 9Marks was formally opposed.
  • If my state convention breaks-ties with a church I pastor due to our church polity.
  • If the convention makes severe, tangible steps backward into further racial prejudice.
  • If the construction of an Islamic mosque was formally opposed.
  • If my family can’t find a healthy SBC church to covenant with.

If I left the convention, where would I go? Well first, please recognize that I’m not leaving. In fact, I’m trying my darndest to see none of the above issues realized.  Second, if I left, “Reformed Baptist” has a nice ring to it. I don’t know much about Reformed Baptist denominations, though. At the moment, I favor becoming non-denominational. I don’t see any Biblical mandate to be associated with a denomination.

What about you? Why are you part of your denomination? At what point would you say, “This is too much: I need to leave”?