Some may confess Calvinism because they think it allows for abrasiveness – others because it’s what their friends believe. I can’t speak for anyone but myself – but I’ll certainly do that much! I confess Calvinism because I cannot make Scripture say anything other than what it says quite plainly: God, for His glory, has chosen which people He will redeem.

Consider Ian Hamilton’s brief video testimony:

I’d never heard of Calvinism until I was in my second year, my sophomore year at university in Glasgow. I’d become a Christian in my late teens, through the life and witness of a fellow pupil at my high school in Glasgow.

A couple years earlier, I excitedly told the Deacons in the church that I had discovered something wonderful in the Bible.

“What was that, Ian?”

“I’ve discovered that before I chose Christ, God chose me!”

To which one of the elders somewhat crossely said, “That’s Calvinism.”

To which I somewhat naively replied, never having heard the word Calvinism I don’t think, “No: I read it in Romans chapter 8.”