This week The Bi-Daily will tackle racism. A few things need to be said from the outset.

Racial prejudice is one of the foulest sins humanity has given itself to. The United States has predominately embittered itself with the “Black vs. White” scheme – though other tunes can be heard ringing through American avenues. But portions based on skin pigmentation is obviously an oversimplification. We’re actually dealing with tribes. As there were various Native American tribes, there are various ethnic tribes within broader social constructs.

All tribes have unethical prejudicial tendencies. One tendency of my Southern, Anglo-Saxon tribe is to dismiss the concerns of African Americans. I’m just telling ya like it is. The burden is centered around the law keeping task forces our country employs. The whole situation appears to be more complex than news outlets allow. Each case of violence/death should be evaluated as objectively as possible.

My tribe usually takes-up the blue cause, and almost always at the expense of Black Lives Matter. They both matter, of course. It’s a false dichotomy.

From a young, Southern voice, I’d like you to hear that some of us aren’t OK with racism. It’s not good for policemen to be unjustly condemned; it’s not ethical to police African Americans by different standards than others. Further, we Anglo-Saxon Southerners need to do a lot more to demonstrate our sympathy for the African American people.

Ah, but wait.

That’s the thing, huh? Many of us don’t have sympathy for the African American people. Most would say, “Yes, racism is wrong.” Some of us have said, “Racism is dead.” But our exclusive and unconditional siding with police in every controversy does nothing to vindicate us (example A). Where interracial marriage is taboo, and where white churches die in black neighborhoods, and where daily liberties play subject to ethnic preferences – that’s where racism ain’t kicked the bucket.

Yep: we think that American bird called “Jim” is dead. We certainly haven’t seen him flying around. Joke’s on us: the sneak has been walking rooftops. He’s alive and well. And it’s our fault for missing him – honestly, we haven’t really wanted to notice.

So this week, I’m going to ruffle some feathers.