As practical and institutional atheism swoops in, logical consistency vanishes. This week, we’ve seen two examples of this.

First: KLM Dutch Royal Airlines tweeted this pro-gay ad, claiming: “It doesn’t matter who you click with.”


Now, I’m not the smartest cookie in the jar. There are plenty of crayons sharper and brighter than myself. But – err – doesn’t it matter who I “click” with? The logic that says, “There is nothing naturally wrong with a man ‘clicking’ with a man or a woman ‘clicking’ with a woman” also – clearly – says, “There is nothing naturally wrong with a male-buckle ‘clicking’ with a male-buckle or a female buckle ‘clicking’ with a female buckle.” This is an absolute rejection of reason.

You guys have fun in Narnia.

Second: On James Franco and Eliot Michaelson’s YouTube series “Philosophy Time,” Elizabeth Harman presented a heart-felt, painfully obvious, circular argument.

Leather Jacket: $50. Filming Camera: $800. Video Editing Software: $35. Franco’s Facial Reactions To Harman’s Argument: priceless. There are some things money can’t buy.

(Commentary from The Daily Wire)

Ever since the fall (or as Douglas Wilson calls it, “The Crash”) of mankind, humans have been encumbered with a depraved mind. This means, among other things, that our ability to think clearly is severely impaired. This is what sin has done, folks.

Come quickly, Lord!