The Bi-Daily



Three Sentinels

I'm hoping these will guard you, too.


Christ is King

Distinguish unrepentance from weakness.

Thoughts on the Eternal Subordination of the Son

Is it "ESS" or "EFS"? I've heard both.

The Trinity: Brief Clarifications

There is more to say, but hopefully this is worth saying.

The Scattering Darkness

Admittedly, I prefer insects over iniquity.

The Greatness and Glory of Jesus

So instead of wallowing in the marsh waiting to be plucked out, start for the shore.

A Resource on the Trinity

A quiz that has helped refine my confession of Trinitarianism.

The Essence of Civil Unrest

Under the atrocities of Rome, Paul wrote, "be in subjection to the governing authorities."


Racism is like a thief who would rob Christ of the glory which He is due, being preeminent above all peoples.

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