The Bi-Daily

Dogmatics on a Vague Schedule


New Testament

Where is April?

A spoonful of heresy makes the evangelicalism go down.


Coca Cola from a Mason Jar

Why your pastor shouldn't be a hipster

Three Reasons You Should Care About the Incarnation

Atonement, Judgment, Glory

Seems a Bit Messy

To Clarify: the article on Wanting the Word is my actual response.

Two Thoughts for Flowers

I certainly have more than two.

Christ is King

Distinguish unrepentance from weakness.

Is Antifa Comparable to WWII Allies?

If Allied troops were men carrying the sword, Antifa is a child running with scissors.

Prayer as Appropriation, Not Acquisition

Prayer is necessary, but not effectual.

The Greatness and Glory of Jesus

So instead of wallowing in the marsh waiting to be plucked out, start for the shore.

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