The Bi-Daily

Dogmatics on a Vague Schedule


Old Testament


An earnest plea to hold-fast the Word.


Three Thoughts on 2 Samuel 5:1-5

Live righteously and trust God's sovereignty.

My Glad Expectation for Durable Hands

"Standing on the promises of God."

Holiness and Friendship: A Word of Caution

How should we respond when something we love begins to smell like an anti-Christ?


Paul would agree with Wilson, I think.

1689, Of the Holy Scriptures (2/10, 3/10)

An excerpt from the standard confession of Reformed baptists.

The Essence of Civil Unrest

Under the atrocities of Rome, Paul wrote, "be in subjection to the governing authorities."

It’s a Mercy Rule

Here's your controversial statement for the day: "There is no exegetical evidence for Libertarian Free Will."

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