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Is Antifa Comparable to WWII Allies?

If Allied troops were men carrying the sword, Antifa is a child running with scissors.

Two Examples of the Depravity of Reason

Simultaneously comedic and depressing

The Trinity: Brief Clarifications

There is more to say, but hopefully this is worth saying.

A Word on Luxury and Loss

Losses manifest luxuries.

Mr. Sanders, That’s Called a “Non-Sequitur”

We should hold our representatives to a high standard of logical capabilities.

Stubborn Joy

"Don't waste your cancer," John Piper says.

Resolved: To Embrace God’s Ordination

For some of us, alternate reality = alternate source of joy.

A Mark of True Christianity

There is one Christ, therefore one character to which we are being conformed.

Five Pleas

What are tangible ways the local church can respond to America's racial crisis?

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