The Bi-Daily



Stubborn Joy

"Don't waste your cancer," John Piper says.

A Mark of True Christianity

There is one Christ, therefore one character to which we are being conformed.

Five Pleas

What are tangible ways the local church can respond to America's racial crisis?

Two Tribes

A Biblical segregation?

The Essence of Civil Unrest

Under the atrocities of Rome, Paul wrote, "be in subjection to the governing authorities."


Racism is like a thief who would rob Christ of the glory which He is due, being preeminent above all peoples.


Racism is like a scrooge who wants to sway Christ's blood from the full range of its propitiatory effect.

Up on the Housetop, “Bang Bang Bang”

Racism today is less blatant but just as destructive. We'll have to eat some crow before we beat one.

When I *Won’t* Be Patient

Call me stubborn. I'm just unwilling to lick a thorn and call it gelato.

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