The Bi-Daily

Dogmatics on a Vague Schedule



I Enlisted: Here Are 7 Reasons Why

Just trying to be faithful.


America, What Did You Expect?

The church is biting her tongue: "I told you so."

A Balancing Act

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, Christ is sufficient.

Patriarchy, Pachriarky, Paytreearekey, Hey-Trees-Are-Keys

A rough sketch.

Another Feminist Rant


Feminism: “Heart Disease? Here’s A Cast”

Let's re-re-brand 'patriarchy'

Is Antifa Comparable to WWII Allies?

If Allied troops were men carrying the sword, Antifa is a child running with scissors.

Mr. Sanders, That’s Called a “Non-Sequitur”

We should hold our representatives to a high standard of logical capabilities.

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