The Bi-Daily

Dogmatics on a Vague Schedule



Where is April?

A spoonful of heresy makes the evangelicalism go down.


Three Reasons You Should Care About the Incarnation

Atonement, Judgment, Glory

Seems a Bit Messy

To Clarify: the article on Wanting the Word is my actual response.

Three Sentinels

I'm hoping these will guard you, too.

Two Thoughts for Flowers

I certainly have more than two.

Christ is King

Distinguish unrepentance from weakness.

The Scattering Darkness

Admittedly, I prefer insects over iniquity.

The Greatness and Glory of Jesus

So instead of wallowing in the marsh waiting to be plucked out, start for the shore.

Something Worth Sharing

It's a good series, too.

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