The Bi-Daily



“The Unwasted Life”

Thought-provoking, at least.

Stubborn Joy

"Don't waste your cancer," John Piper says.

Paul, but it is not Paul

Here we see true regeneration: "the old things passed away; behold, new things have come" (2 Co 5:17).

A Resource on the Trinity

A quiz that has helped refine my confession of Trinitarianism.


Paul would agree with Wilson, I think.

The Bi…Monthly?

Sometimes people let you The Bi-Daily providing bi-monthly content.

The Sole Infallible Standard

Should we read our Bibles and nothing else?


Piper says that sentences, more than books, shape lives. I think I agree.

Why I Confess Calvinism

Disclaimer: this is not a treatise. Just an explanation.

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