The Bi-Daily

“The Late-Night Show with an Unpopular Opinion”

Thank you Apologia!


1689, Of the Holy Scriptures (8/10)

An excerpt from the standard confession of Reformed baptists.

The Trinity: Brief Clarifications

There is more to say, but hopefully this is worth saying.

The Scattering Darkness

Admittedly, I prefer insects over iniquity.

A Word on Luxury and Loss

Losses manifest luxuries.

Mr. Sanders, That’s Called a “Non-Sequitur”

We should hold our representatives to a high standard of logical capabilities.

Prayer as Appropriation, Not Acquisition

Prayer is necessary, but not effectual.

The Greatness and Glory of Jesus

So instead of wallowing in the marsh waiting to be plucked out, start for the shore.

Something Worth Sharing

It's a good series, too.

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